Alice Adair is one of the 5 "prototype" Powereds who underwent a mysterious operation in order to grant them control over their abilities. She was a college student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program (HCP).

After graduation from the HCP, she took the Hero name Legacy and interned under Gale of Elemental Fury in Brewster.

Appearance Edit

Alice is a green-eyed blonde female with a slender, hour-glass figure. She became noticeably more muscular after the first year of physical conditioning in the HCP.

Background Edit

Alice has spent her life prior to college in high society since her father, Charles Adair, is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Despite the privilege she was born into, Alice's relationship with her father has shown itself as being strained. She has no relationship with or memories of her mother, since she was gone quickly after Alice was born.

Personality Edit

Alice initially had a very controlled, furtive, and closed off personality when she first arrived in Melbrook Hall and started attending Lander's HCP.(Though she does have a significant temper when it comes to her mother.) She opens up significantly more as she socializes more with her fellow students, eventually forming a deep friendship with all of her fellow Powereds.

During years two, three, and four her skill in navigating social situations and manipulating people became increasingly more refined and apparent, likely as a result of her choosing Subtlety as her major, even though her power is more suited to Control. Alice becomes a rare Subtlety/heavy hitter combination.

Variant Human Power Edit

Alice was originally a Powered that would float into the air anytime she became too happy. After the procedure that turned her into a Super she had completely silent and 360 degrees flight.

It was revealed in Year 2 that her flight power was due to extremely delicate self-gravity manipulation and that she could create external gravity wells. Over the course of training throughout Year 3 and 4 Alice developed enough raw power to easily lift large boulders and manipulate gravity over an area as large as a parking lot, she also developed enough fine control to pop her own eardrums using micro-gravity wells.