• Mr. Numbers - Short and analytical, Mr. Numbers is the sterner of the two between himself and Mr. Transport. Part of the company that turned the Powereds into Supers, Mr. Numbers was assigned to watch over them in case of complication. Mr. Numbers power has never been specifically explained. Mr. Numbers has worked alongside Mr. Transport for an unspecified number of years. His real name is Luke. *Mr. Numbers power appears to be a variation of an advanced mind. Essentially super-genius level (based on interactions with his Niece who has the same abilities) and the ability to compute statistical analysis for all possible outcomes, and the ability to read people (able to tell if they are telling the truth or lies). He often functions as the primary interrogator when working for The Company and dealing with unsavory sorts that they deal with. The longest anybody has ever lasted against his interrogation is just over 3 hours. His brain is comparable to a massive supercomputer, able to process mass quantities of data very quickly and determine the most probable outcomes.
  • Mr. Transport - Tall and empathetic, Mr. Transport is the more social of the two between himself and Mr. Numbers. Mr. Transport was also assigned to watch over the former Powereds in the event anything should go wrong. Mr. Transport has the ability to teleport himself and others to any place he has ever been. Mr. Transport worked at a courier service that specialized in Supers with teleportation before he was partnered with Mr. Numbers. His real name is Henry Anders.
  • Bubbles - A Super girl who Nick has casually dated. Her nickname comes from both her talkative personality and her power to conjure actual bubbles. Bubbles is not part of the HCP, and as such has no idea Nick and his friends have abilities of their own. Her real name is Natalie.
  • Ms. Pips - Owner of the casino Nick was raised in and Nick's Aunt. She took Nick in after his parents died and raised her as his own. Nick is being groomed to take over her criminal organization in Las Vegas.
  • Eliza - She is part of the same organized crime family that is run by Ms. Pips. She has a history with Vince. He saved her from an explosion, being mortally wounded as the same time. She saves Vince's life by agreeing to join Ms. Pips' organzation on the condition that they pay to have Vince healed. She also was the girl who took his virginity. She is a super with the power to create perfect duplicates of any object that last for 48 hours.
  • Isaac LaMont - Isaac is rarely referenced by name or his relation to any character, place, or thing in the story. Though never appearing physically to take part at any point he is revealed as a pertinent character in Year 4 of Superpowereds when you find out that he is the head of the Lamont Corporation aka, the mysterious "company" that both Mr. Transport, Mr. Numbers, and a large majority of the DVA agents/teams are employed by. He's a non-super as far as any information revealed about him goes.
  • Gerry - The beloved mentor and father figure for Nicholas Campbell. A permanent fixture of Las Vegas very much like Ms. Pips. He is the closest and most emotionally connected character for Nick apart from his HCP circle of friends. He (like many of the Vegas characters who stay there) is a regular human.,
  • Ralph Chapman- A character with a chip on his shoulder in regards to Supers and how they use their powers. Often seen as an antagonistic force in regards to multiple protagonists and antagonists alike throughout the Superpowereds storyline. He is involved with the DVA and utilizes its resources in any way he feels he can get away with to forward his ambitions and ideals.

Deans of other HCPs:

  • Dean Herbert Jackson of Sizemore Tech -  A towering man, hair more gray than black, with the sort of imposing aura that made people unconsciously avoid touching him even in the most crowded of public settings. Nickname when working as an active hero was Ghost of the Battlefield. His power is density manipulation and hero name is Grasp.
  • Dean Wesley Fox of Korman University - Dark skinned, lean and wiry, with a perfectly groomed mustache, A subtlety hero. Advanced mind. His hero name is Blind Spot.
  • Dean Kathleen Bishop of Overton University - Copper hair and matching eyes. She is a shifter (changes her form as she needs it in a fight) and goes by the hero name Reaction.
  • Dean Margaret "Maggie" Silva of West Private University - A woman who seemed wholly unremarkable, save for the streak of green running through her hair. Looks like an aging hippie, and doesn't drink. Her hero name is Overgrowth and can manipulate plant growth on an unmatched scale.