Originally ranked number 1 in the men's class, Chad was a student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program. He is a natural Super that has trained most of his life to become a Hero.

After graduating from the HCP, he took his father's Hero name, Intra, and interned under Jerimiah in Brewster.

 Appearance Edit

Chad is a tall, muscular male with blonde hair and blue eyes. Even before entering the HCP he had a significantly muscular build and has a standard "Adonis" body-type.

Background Edit

Chad's father, Joshua Taylor(Intra), was killed by Globe when Chad was an infant. Leaving his mother a widow, with Blain Jeffery stepping in to act as a mentor and father figure for him.

Chad became obsessed with honoring his father's legacy; to make sure that others didn't always associate the name "Intra" with a tragic murder. To that end, after his power manifested, he dedicated most of his childhood and teenage years to relentless training in order to become a Hero; largely to the exclusion of any social activity with his peers that wasn't strictly necessary.

His training mainly consisted of martial arts, refining and exploring the limits of his power, studying up on all of the capabilities that his father displayed, and reading up on what was required to be a Hero.

By the time he was of-age and able to apply to the Lander HCP, the same one Intra attended, Chad had become one of the most skilled hand-to-hand fighters in the series.

Personality Edit

In Year 1 Chad had a detached, cold, and near callous personality due to his lack of social experience and fixation on getting stronger; choosing to mainly socialize and train with the strongest of the class. This inadvertently lead to him forming a genuine friendship with Shane DeSoto.

Over time Chad’s personality softened and he learned to value socialization more, expand his social circle, and to not so rigidly regulate his emotions. This process also helped him break out of his rather predictable and straight-forward approach to combat, helping him think outside of the box and deal with both subterfuge and illogical moves from opponents.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Chad has the ability to control his body down to a molecular level. Unlike most Variant Humans, Chad’s power can work even while he is unconscious, regardless of how complex a process he has set. Nor does his ability seem to significantly drain him physically or mentally; though this is likely due to a combination of both natural talent and training.

His capabilities are as follows:

  • General enhanced physical capabilities by ingesting carbon and other minerals daily to make his flesh stronger than interwoven steel cables and bones harder than diamonds.
  • Unusually potent regeneration, even compared to other strongmen.
  • Instantly retain information and reflexes.
  • Regulate the chemical reactions in his brain to control his emotions.
  • Alter his perception of time.
  • Enhanced senses in general.
  • Rewire the electrical impulses of his brain to be immune to most forms of telepathy.
  • Grow ultra-durable bone armor and blades.
  • Control the flow of his blood, capable of moving it fast enough to be an effective water-saw.
  • Rework his brain and reflexes so that, even while on unconscious, he can follow instructions and fight competently alongside allies.
  • Neutralize electric attacks by discharging it during the brief window of when it is part of his nervous system.
  • Control of exactly how long he sleeps.
  • Have perfect hair every day.

These are all just abilities he has seen his father utilize and has thus imitated or refined them; he may discover even more in the future.