Globe, otherwise known as Phillip Adair, is a graduate of the Class of Legends. Former Hero, Ex-Criminal, and father to Vince Reynolds.

 Appearance Edit

Phillip is a tall, muscular man that is often seen wearing a tattered and stained red coat, which was the primary piece and color of his original Hero costume. Described as having a very disarming smile and kind eyes, making him very easy to trust for most people. He is missing an arm, but can fashion one of his own design.

Background Edit

Philip Adair grew up with his brother, Charles Adair, growing up in an average home with an abusive father and a mother(Carol). Philip developed his ability early on in his childhood, with his little brother developing soon afterward.

After Charles poisoned their father Philip met Jack Reynolds, a police investigator, in the ensuing investigation and multiple interrogations. Jack acted as a father figure for Philip and Charles, supporting their mother and helping them emotionally, throughout their teens and young adult years.

Philip applied to Lander's HCP program and graduated among the top ten of a class that would from then on be known as the "Class of Legends". One of the graduates, a man name Joshua Taylor, became very close friends with Philip. Philip's younger brother Charles would graduate the year after.

All ten became nationally famous Heroes, pillars of the Hero community, and saved countless people over their years of service. Until the Globe incident ended it all.

He was forced to kill his best friend, Intra (Joshua Taylor), when Intra appeared to turn to villainy. After surviving an assassination attempt by Black Hole (Professor Hill), Phillip went into hiding, living as a vagabond and eventually finding and raising a young Powered named Vince.

Personality Edit

Philip has been described as "idealistic", "loyal", and "kind", despite his dire circumstances and past history of being betrayed. He is incredibly charming and most people find it easy to put their trust in him. On top of being incredibly honest, almost to a fault, Philip has what most would consider a classically heroic personality.

Struggled for a long time expressing his feelings to Cassandra due to an overwhelming sense of duty and fear but eventually pushed past it.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Area Manipulation/Molecular Control

Philip's physical body emits an invisible and undetectable field that allows him to control anything within it's vicinity down to the molecular level.

His control was total and could only be countered by nullifiers and Supers with a similar degree of control over whatever he was trying to manipulate.

This ability enabled him to, among countless other things:

  • Negate, generate, and manipulate almost any form of energy.
  • Negate and manipulate gravity.
  • Change chemical compositions.
  • Render other variant humans within his field powerless.
  • Control other living things like puppets to do what he wants.
  • Control someone's basic biology/selectively accelerate the healing process.
  • Force someone to relive specific memories(Though he cannot view them).

Like most abilities: Philip's field takes conscious effort, eventually sapping his physical stamina, to maintain and use for any period time. Philip needs to know what he's doing to manipulate things correctly and he can't do anything to his own body since his field starts from his skin going outwards.