Hershel and Roy Daniels are one of the 5 "prototype" Powereds who underwent a mysterious operation in order to grant them control over their abilities. They were college students that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program (HCP).

After graduating from the HCP, they took the Hero name Ettin and interned under Titan in Brewster.

 Appearances  Edit

Hershel was a pudgy young man of average height with brown eyes and reddish light-brown hair; after developing a consistent and intense training regiment in Year 2 his physique increased significantly. Eventually developing to the point where it was comparable to his brother's in Year 4.

Roy is a tall and muscular young man with broad-shoulders, he has hazel eyes and chocolate brown hair. His physique does change noticeably throughout the HCP, but that is mostly due to his body naturally maturing rather than any significant muscular gain.

It was revealed in Year 3 that Hershel and Roy do look like blood-related siblings, especially after Hershel started to get in shape.

 Background Edit

Hershel and Roy Daniels are the only sons of Sally and Owen Daniels, they were born sometime during Owen's initial Hero career, several years before the Titan Scandal. Hershel first shifted into/manifested Roy inadvertently when he either in elementary school or kindergarten; revealing that they are Powereds.

Hershel and Roy spent their formative years living happily with their parents and receiving training from their father. Two notable events being when Hershel won a Spelling-bee and Roy manage to dead-lift a washing machine.

When the Titan Scandal(Owen cheating on Sally with a male Hero name Tower) occurred it lead to Owen leaving the family due to the pressure and criticism. This event directly caused the down-spiral in the relationship between Hershel and Roy, in addition; without Owen's guidance, Roy wasn't able to curb his increasingly reckless and violent tendencies.

They did not find out the exact details of the Titan Scandal until Roy tracked down Titan himself in his early teens.

 Personalities Edit

Hershel was initially a very shy and self-conscious young man when he first arrived at Lander, mostly due to his dysfunctional relationship with Roy. He slowly but surely gained more confidence as he socialized with his fellow students and went out to more traditional social gatherings. He became exceptionally more proactive after his time with Owen in Year 2 revealed how he directly contributed to the Super side of his life.

Roy was condescending, egotistical, and perpetually chasing ladies during the beginning of his HCP experience, but has since become much more focused, caring, and friendly. Primarily due to Mary cutting his ego down to size in Year 1 and watching out for any re-lapses. He experienced a period of self-consciousness in Year 2 when he hit a temporary wall in his progress as a strongman.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Physical Enhancement/Adaptation

Hershel has no physically recognizable superhuman traits, except the ability to turn into his brother Roy upon the consumption of whisky.

Roy is essentially an uber-human whose maximum potential is increased every time Hershel struggles against something physically: Enhanced strength, durability, speed, recovery rate, and a slightly increased reaction time. Though it is important to note that his "super speed" is merely due to him pushing against the ground harder than a human could; it is not the typical acceleration of speedsters like Sasha or Spring.


Telepathic Link/Communication

Hershel and Roy share memories and can telepathically communicate with each other.

This originally manifested as Hershel and Roy only being able to go over each other's memories. Although Hershel could only do so while he was in place, and vice versa for Roy.

It grew throughout the first half of Year 4 as a small bleed-through of instincts and impressions that mostly occurred during fights; first becoming noticeable, and extremely apparent, during a training scenario where Mary was in danger and Hershel telepathically screamed at Roy to save her.

This connection then became full-blown telepathic communication during their second match against Professor Cole in Year 4, allowing them to better strategize during fights.