Mary Smith is one of the 5 "prototype" Powereds who underwent a mysterious operation in order to grant them control over their abilities. She was a college student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program (HCP).

During her 4th year, she quit the HCP and started the career path to be a doctor and councelsor to students in the HCP (much like Dr. Moran).

 Appearance Edit

Mary is the shortest of the Melbrook residents, a wiry and lean girl standing only at 5'1" tall with shoulder-length brown hair and unnaturally intense amber eyes. She became noticeably more muscular after the first year of physical conditioning in the HCP.

Background Edit

Mary was born as a Powered from regular human parents, two optometrists.

She manifested one of the more common Advanced Mind powers, a combination of mind-reading/telepathy and telekinesis, at a young age.

Due to her years of being unable to control her telepathy she has a mental focus far beyond anyone else her age since she had to endure constant bombardment of thoughts. To cope with this, Mary lived in the forest by herself for several years prior to enrolling at Lander. Mary is the only one of the five who still has a complete set of parents, though little is known about her personal life before college.

She use to have a teddy-bear called, "No".

Personality Edit

Mary seemed to be one of the more soft-spoken and eccentric members of the Melbrook crew when she first arrived on campus. She quickly proved to be one of the more assertive and crafty members of the group, second only to Nick in the beginning.

She adopted the role of the group's "mom" because of her fiercely loyal, watchful, and protective behavior regarding her fellow former-Powereds. Was also generally considered to be the most responsible and level-headed among the crew.

Though Mary did become arrogant and too trusting of her power throughout Year 1 due to how exceptionally powerful she was. At the outset she was not particularly interested in becoming a Hero and experienced a severe mental shock after participating in Lander's Crucible in Year 3.

Variant Human Power Edit

Mary was originally a Powered with an Advanced Mind power-set that couldn't turn off her telepathy/mind-reading. After the procedure that turned her into a Super she had an almost unprecedented range in which she could read minds and exceptional telekinetic force.

It was revealed in Year 2 that Mary also had the ability to enter, manipulate, view memories in, and communicate with people through their dreams. Over the course of training throughout Year 3 Mary gained enough skill to achieve her "dream walking" without Rich's assistance, even while awake, and could eventually bring multiple people with her into another person's mind.