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Welcome to the Super Powereds WikiEdit

This is a wiki for Super Powereds, the web-serial hosted on

This is a Wiki describing the Super Powereds universeEdit

This site will act predominantly as a database for the admittedly large cast of the Super Powereds universe. While plot points will be left out when possible to avoid spoilers, new information will be added as it comes out in the story (i.e. who has what ability). Any conflicts, typos, or requests can be submitted to and will addressed promptly. Thank you for stopping by, and please enjoy.

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    Summary: correction to abilities
  • edit Vince Reynolds
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  • discussion page Talk:Hershel/Roy Daniels
    new comment by Elessar5115
    Comment: Yeah, now that they can directly communicate the line between them is getting blurry. Also, I just didn't know if there would be enough to make 2...
  • discussion page Talk:Hershel/Roy Daniels
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    Comment: Before now I would have said they need they're own article's but now ...
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  • new page Add/Improve Pages
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    New page: Current list of pages to add/improve: Vince Reynolds Alice Adair Roy/Hershel Daniels Nicholas Campbell Mary Smith Globe (Philip Adair) Chad Taylor...
    Summary: Added this page so that if someone comes to the Wiki and feels the need to add stuff they have a general idea of what needs doing.
  • new page Supers
    created by Elessar5115
    New page: "Supers" are superhumans who have full control over the use of their abilities. The term supers applies to any hero, villain, or civilian with a...
    Summary: Created stub page for Supers
  • new page Powereds
    created by Elessar5115
    New page: Powereds are superhumans who have sporadic, limited, or no control over their power. This is due to some unknown factor, not a lack of discipline or...
    Summary: Added this page
  • new page Hershel/Roy Daniels
    created by Elessar5115
    New page: Hershel and Roy Daniels are one of the 5 "prototype" Powereds who underwent a mysterious operation in order to grant them control over their...
    Summary: Added the stub for Roy/Hershel's page.
  • edit Vince Reynolds
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    Summary: added links

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