Titan, or Owen Daniels, is a certified Hero, and an alumnus of the Sizemore University Hero Certification Program.

  • Description: Titan is described as being nearly seven feet tall, extremely muscular, has dark hair and green eyes, and is said to look much younger than he actually is. His Hero uniform consists of a red shirt, red mask, and blue jeans. He is the father of Hershel and Roy Daniels, who generally regard him with anger and disgust, due to past difficulties. Titan is currently on the Hero team "The Gentle Hammers".
  • Ability: Titan has the ability of adaptation. "The same trick won't work on me twice". This means that, among other things, if he sustains and survives an injury, he will not be able to be injured in the same manner again. If he struggles to lift something heavy, after a given time frame, he will no longer struggle to lift something of that weight again. Titan's ability also includes a greatly increased rate of healing, practically unlimited stamina, and a resistance to the effects of aging. His ability does not allow for his muscles to atrophy, so once he reaches a new level of strength, his maximum will stay there permanently. Despite all of his strength and durability, he is still susceptible to new types of attack and powers that he has never encountered before.
  • Background: Titan was once a world renowned hero, and a symbol for the masculine part of the nuclear family.