Vince Reynolds is one of the 5 "prototype" Powereds who underwent a mysterious operation in order to grant them control over their abilities. He was a college student that attended Lander's Hero Certification Program (HCP).

After graduating from Lander University's HCP, Vince takes the Hero name "Jack of All" and interns with Jerimiah in Brewster.

Appearance Edit

Vince is a tall, muscular male with silver hair and blue eyes. Described as "lean" before participating in the HCP, Vince has since put on a large amount of muscle.

Background Edit

Vince's biological father, a small-time robber, and mother, a drug addicted prostitute, died shortly after he was born. His father was gunned down for unknown reasons and his mother overdosed a few weeks after putting Vince into the adoption system.

Vince was a homeless drifter from the age of six to eighteen, at which point he became a permanent resident of Lander University. Vince's biological family is unknown to him, but his surrogate father Globe gives him links to the Adair family. Globe cared for Vince for several years and taught him how to fight, how to survive, and left Vince with a burning desire to protect those who were weaker than himself.

Personality Edit

He has been described as "idealistic", "loyal", and "kind", despite the circumstances of his youth. Initial struggled with a misconception of his abilities making him "unstoppable" and with a hesitation towards hurting women until his summer training with Coach George Russell between Year 2 and 3.

Variant Human Ability Edit

Vince has the ability to absorb and redistribute multiple energy types, though he cannot change its form after absorption (Fire taken in will always come back out as fire, etc). He has not shown a limit in the capacity of energy he can hold, and it is unknown if he has discovered all the types of energy that his power allows him to absorb. Thus far, Vince has shown the ability to intentionally absorb/distribute:

  • Thermal (Fire/Heat)
  • Electricity
  • Electromagnetic (Light)
  • Sound
  • Motion (Kinetic)
  • Thomas' Orange Energy Constructs(Year 2)
  • Chemical Potential Energy
  • Another Super's Crafted Energy Manifestation

Energies that exist but have yet to be seen absorbed

  • Nuclear Potential Energy
  • Elastic Potential Energy
  • Gravitational Potential Energy